Svetlana Agarval

What comes to your mind when you think of something serene and soothing yet enjoyable in a spirit of celebration? The answer can obviously be music. Any event or occasion can hardly be thought without music. When the music comes in a package of surprise, the joy of celebration increases eventually. Svetlana Agarval is the surprise factor one can add in their occasion to experience an exotic journey of music. The Belarusian singer can sing Bollywood songs unbelievably well and to add to your awe, she sets the mood of the ambiance such that one gets lost in the fantasy of her voice.

IMG 4064 Svetlana Agarval

About Svetlana Agarval:

Svetlana Agarval is a Belarusian-born singer who was fascinated by Indian songs, especially Bollywood songs since a very young age. She has been delivering her elegant performances on stage since 2009. The Belarusian people came to know about her only in 2010 in the Festival of National Cultures in Grodno. She is married to an Indian, which helped her to materialize her dream of becoming a Bollywood singer. Svetlana Agarval defines passion and dedication through her singing. In spite of being a Belarusian, her immense love for Hindi songs made her work hard and have brought recognition for
her amongst Indian audience.

Magical Performance:

People admire her singing capability and her way of representing performance in a graceful way. She always performs in a traditional way mostly by wearing sarees during her performances. Her soulful voice, song choice is sure to impress one and all. The song ‘Jimi Jimi’ has been recreated amazingly by her and it has brought her unbelievable fame. Some of the other popular songs performed by her are, ‘teri gaaliyaan’, ‘Le gayi’, ‘Goron ki a kaloon ki' etc. Her beauty, sensational voice, and energy in delivering performance magnify the charm of her performance. She can rock any music concert, Mehendi Event, Wedding party or any corporate or private event. The audience is sure to have an unforgettable experience with her performances.

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