Fire Tanoura Dancer

Fire Tanoura 1 Fire Tanoura Dancer

Fire Tanoura – A sparkling touch to Traditional Tanoura

The traditional Egyptian Tanoura act has been entertaining people since centuries. This dance form has undergone slight transformations since years. But now it is taken to the next level. We have now redefined the whole experience with added thrills & stunning visuals. Experience the traditional Tanoura act combined with the sizzling flavour of fire!

Our Fire Tanoura act starts off like any other Tanoura dance performance with the swirling movement of the dancer while his colourful skirt beautifully spreading in sink with his moves. Then the audience experiences his wonderful skill involving quick usage of props like small umbrellas and tambourines.

And now a fire torch reaches his hand as a prop. While your guests wonder what will be the next move, the dancer puts fire to the edge of his skirt! The fire spreads rapidly due to the swirling movement and encircles him. The Tanoura Dancer continues to make swirling movements with fire at edge of his skirt. Your audience will get astonished by witnessing this sizzling climax.

But, “Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost!”

 The fire encircled skirt is made to rise and is rotated with his hands while another fire encircled skirt is retained around his legs. This adventurous feat of rotating two fire fabrics around him while making non stop swirling motion will blow your mind! This performance is no less than witnessing an action movie. We provide performers with great skill and courage to present our Fire Tanoura Act.

Our Egyptian Fire Tanoura act can bring some sizzling excitement to your Sangeet functions, weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, parties and many more.Create a sparkling theme to your event. Get our thrilling Fire Tanoura act, throughout Delhi and other major cities of India.Add that dazzle factor to your events from many of our marvelous acts.

Fire Tanoura 1 1 Fire Tanoura Dancer
Fire Tanoura 2 Fire Tanoura Dancer
Fire Tanoura 4 Fire Tanoura Dancer
Tanoura 1 Fire Tanoura Dancer
Tanoura 2 Fire Tanoura Dancer
Tanoura 3 Fire Tanoura Dancer
Tanoura 4 Fire Tanoura Dancer
Tanoura 5 Fire Tanoura Dancer
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Tanoura Fire Tanoura Dancer
Fire Tanoura 1 Fire Tanoura Dancer