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13 Symphony Band

Music comes in all forms and sizes. Symphony Band is such an example of expressing music in a different form. We at Reckon Entertainment have an International Symphony Band In Delhi that is a group of musicians of different genres. Our international symphony band presents music in a synchronized way for entertainment purpose to let the audience explore unknown aspects of music.

International Symphony Band In Delhi:

International Symphonic Band, also popularly known as Orchestra is a performing ensemble consisting of musicians playing different musical instruments of different genres and families. It’s a combination of various types of music forms which overall represents a music concert in a grand manner.

Band Members:

The Symphony Band is a group of 11 musicians and 1 conductor. The musicians play instruments of various families. The different musical instruments are likely to be belonged to the families like,

The Entertainment factor:

Our international Symphony Band In Delhi is meant to be grand as the talent of 12 different persons who worship music is getting combined to make an astonishing blend of quality music. The performers synchronize in an unbelievable way which is elusive as well as difficult but the outcome is best in terms of musicianship and pure entertainment. The unique blend of notes and tones is what make the audience not to bat an eye off the performance.

  1. String Family (Violin, Double Bass, Contra Bass)
  2. Woodwind Family (Flute, Saxophones, Bass Clarinet)
  3. Brass Family (Trumpet, Horn)
  4. Keyboards and Harp Family (Piano, Synthesizer, Harp)
  5. Percussion Family (Bass Drum, Xylophone, Vibes, Few other things to scrape and shake)

Not only the instruments but the musicians themselves perform differently to lure out the unique form of combinational music out of the Orchestra. The international symphony band consists of musicians having a high female voice, low female voice, very high male voice, medium male voice etc. The Conductor of the band is the crucial part of the whole presentation as it binds all the different tones in a synchronized manner such that individuality of any instrument don't get highlighted and the aim of serving quality music in a group is well fulfilled.

Let Us make your Show GRAND:

Choose Reckon Entertainment and grace your event with the elegant performance of the Symphony Band. The Celebrity Management Firm has been working with the artists for several years and has been

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