Quick Change Act

2 Quick Change Act

Quick Change Act – Get a Mind boggling Magical impact!

Magic is entertaining and astonishing to all age groups. The experience captures our mind and creates a great impact. Use this impact to make your event magical & memorable.

Get entertained & astonished with our magical, Quick Change act.

Your guests will rub their eyes in disbelief while watching the performer’s costumes magically transform into different attire, just in a blink. It is amazing to witness our two talented and charming performers get their costumes changed in the speed of light!

Many surprising costume changes happen in the act while they dance and move from bag to the other. Colours and styles of their costume change in just a fraction of seconds. The act ends with a stunning climax. The lady stands with a normal dress and her partner showers silver particles on her. The dress gets magically transformed into a gorgeous white gown. This last part is truly magical. It is to be seen to be believed.

The performance has a deeper message apart from the magical entertainment. “Change is a natural process and it is to make ourselves a better version of our past.” You can conveniently choose to have a fast paced energetic performance or smoothly going soft paced performance. The music played in the background can be customized based on the event’s theme and your preferences.

Our quick Change act can transform your corporate events, product launches, parties and anniversaries into an instant hit with their quick & astonishing magical transformations. Mesmerize your guests with some mind blowing magic. Get our Quick Change act, throughout Delhi and other major cities of India at Reckon Entertainment. Add that dazzle factor to your events from many of our marvelous attractions.