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Who would want to take eyes off something graceful as well as sensuous? Belly Dancing is one of that forms of art which defines grace and sensuousness in its own way. We Indians can hardly imagine of a grand occasion without dance being the most eye-catching part of it, and when people in a mood to enjoy the moments to the fullest there must be added a special touch of spiciness in the celebration. Though if you look forward to a an International dance performance to organise for your event in Delhi, then the idea to hire belly dancers in Delhi NCR from Reckon Entertainment is truly sizzling. People look for that special factor in the occasions and Belly Dancing undoubtedly becomes one of the perks of the events. Especially, when this dance is performed by the international artists. Yes, Reckon Entertainment manages performances of Russian Belly Dancers in Delhi NCR.

If the event is being scheduled in Mumbai, then we have special Russian belly dancers in Mumbai also who will spice up your event greatly.

About Belly Dance:

Belly Dancing, though descended from ancient Egyptian social dance is believed to be originated in India 5000 years ago, and is one of the most popular dance forms in the present era of Entertainment Industry. Belly Dance is generally a dance form performed by women and involves undulating movements of belly and rapid gyration of hips. Belly dancing symbolizing womanhood, makes an event enlightened with the perfect mood and tone while all the friends, relatives, closed ones are getting a golden chance to reunite again. At Reckon Entertainment, it is observed that the demand for belly dancers in Delhi NCR is quite high these days.


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Alla Kushnir (Leila) is one of the most popular names in the Belly Dancing culture. The True form of art, sensuousness and beauty glitter from her as she makes her wavy moves and dancing gestures on the stage. Alla Kushnir, a perfectionist in oriental dance belongs to a small group of belly dancers of Eastern Europe has delivered performances in many countries with great success.

Alla Kushnir, with her overall presentation including the dancing props, expertise in delivering expressive performance, and her confidence captures everyone’s attention and leaves the audience awestruck in amaze.

There are many talented Russian Belly dancers who will spice up your big day with their performances that no one can ever forget. The Russian Belly Dancers in Delhi NCR and Mumbai are receiving the most attractive response from the audience and it is the key factor of their popularity.

Reckon Entertainment, the one-stop answer for all your celebrity and artist management queries brings the chance to you to get your favorite star at your occasion to increase the charm. The Celebrity management group has been doing promising works with reputation, So let your day become grand and make Reckon Entertainment your choice to witness classical belly dancing performance by Our belly dancers and such other glowing star of the entertainment world. To bright up your event with fun and excitement, contact Reckon Entertainment and send your inquiry for Russian Belly dancers in Delhi NCR or Russian Belly Dancers in Mumbai. We will be more than happy to cater you the best entertainment and artists for any of your occasion.

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